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Example 1 - People & Addresses

This example is different from all the others because inside one aplication each bean is packaged separately.  This means there is more lookups during initialization, and a slower accessing of methods across bean boundaries, but should mean in time we can replace individual beans while the machine is in use.  There is no web interface for this demo, nor any mainable java class.  The demo is entirely contained withing the EOB container. The test bean implements Runnable and as such is executed in a thread when all the others have been initialized.

Running Example1

1) Get Phoenix from downloads (unless you have it already). See section titled 'Phoenix in binary form' on the downloads page. Unzip Phoenix

2) Download either eob-plain.jar, eob-with-http.sar or eob-with-http-and-db.sar from the downloads page. Place the sar file in the 'apps' directory of the unzipped Phoenix.

3) CD to the run directory and execute run.bat or run.sh as appropriate. After a few seconds ctrl-c Phoenix.

4) Download* eob-example1.eob and place it in the 'startupApps' directory created a couple of dirs deeper than the phoenix 'apps' dir.

* - Or make this .eob file from the source download by doing 'ant eob'

5) Execute run.bat or run.sh again. You should see....

Phoenix 4.0.1
Example1: PeopleTest1 started.
Example1: Creating People...
Example1: Person 1 name=Fred
Example1: Person 2 name=Wilma
Example1: People created
Example1: Creating Address...
Example1: Address 1 zip=ABC 123
Example1: Address Created.
Example1: Listing 2 people...
Example1: ..Person =Fred
Example1: ..Person =Wilma
Example1: Tests Complete, shutdown now possible (Ctrl-C is one way)

- Markus Weiss, March 2002

$Revision: 1.11 $ $Date: 2003/04/15 21:24:13 $