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Example 4 - Crazy Clock


This example is one of a central clock server, and clock faces in applets that show he time on that server.  The clock is running very fast, and that is reflected in the applet.  There  i sa button on the front page for the example that allows you to reset the time back to the current time.  You can launch as many clock applets as you like, they call connect to the same server.

picture of example4

Running Example4

1) Get Phoenix from downloads (unless you have it already). See section titled 'Phoenix in binary form' on the downloads page. Unzip Phoenix

2) Download either eob-with-http.sar or eob-with-http-and-db.sar from the downloads page. Place the sar file in the 'apps' directory of the unzipped Phoenix.

3) CD to the run directory and execute run.bat or run.sh as appropriate. After a few seconds ctrl-c Phoenix.

4) Download* eob-example4.eob and place it in the 'startupApps' directory created a couple of dirs deeper than the phoenix 'apps' dir.

* - Or make this .eob file from the source download by doing 'ant eob'

5) Execute run.bat or run.sh again. You should see....

Phoenix 4.0.1

war =file:/C:/Other-CVS/eob/phoenix-bin/apps/eob-example4/example4files/clockdemo.war

6) Point your browser to http://localhost:8080/clock to see and interact with the demo.  

- The EOB Team

$Revision: 1.7 $ $Date: 2003/04/15 21:24:13 $