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Interested in running apps?  For a quick start - choose the 'big demo' below.

For a slightly more interactive tryout - download Phoenix, eob-jetty-hsql.sar, eob-example0.eob, eob-example3.eob, eob-example4.eob & ROOT.eob. See the notes below for what to do with them, once downloaded.

Phoenix + Enterprise Object Broker plus five demos (for those with short attention spans and big Internet connections)

Once unzipped, run 'run.bat' or 'run.sh' as appropriate in the phoenix-bin/bin/ directory.  Then point your browser at http://localhost:8080

          eob-big-demo-1.0.zip 10.3Mb

Phoenix in binary form

Once unzipped, Phoenix is ready to run. Once unzipped, it will need a .sar file (see below) dropping into the apps/ directory.

http://avalon.apache.org/bindownload.cgi (choose Phoenix and your nearest mirror)
Enterprise Object Broker 'sar' files for Phoenix

Each of these are suitable for dropping into Phoenix's apps/ directory. To launch EOB, you'll run run.bat or run.sh in the bin directory of Phoenix. This unpacks EOB, but initially at least will not launch any EOB applications.  Do this once to create the directories needed for .eob file deployment (see below).

A eob-plain.sar 0.8MB (EOB on its own).
B eob-with-http.sar 2.6MB (EOB and the Jetty web-server)
C eob-with-http-and-db.sar 2,9MB (EOB, Jetty web-server and HypersonicSQL)

Enterprise Object Broker application files

Each of these are suitable for dropping into the EOB startupApps/ directory. See examples.html for more info about these

eob-example0.eob  8KB  (needs at least B, C will do to). See example0 for instructions.
eob-example1.eob  16KB (needs at least A,but B or C will do). See example1 for instructions.
eob-example2-jos.eob  14KB (needs at least A,but B or C will do). See example2 for instructions.
eob-example2-jsx.eob (this is not distributed as JSX is a commercial licensed jar)
eob-example3.eob 3.0MB (needs C). See example3 for instructions.
eob-example4.eob  135KB (needs C). See example4 for instructions.
eob-example5.eob 223KB (needs at least A,but B or C will do). See example5 for instructions.

The following is just a web-app without beans. It provides an index.html page that gives links for examples 0, 3 & 4. Thus, those three and ROOT.eob can be placed in the startupApps/ directory at the same time.

ROOT.eob 860KB (needs at least B, C will do)

Tester jars for the EOB apps

These run in a seperate JVMs

eob-example0-test.jar 116KB A simple & quick testing the stock quote service.
eob-example2-test.jar 117KB A simple & quick testing the shopping cart example.
eob-example3-beanshell.jar 374KB A graphically rich BeanShell tester that allows interactive testing of example3
eob-example3-test.jar 115KB A simple & quick test of example3
eob-example5-gui.jar 166KB A Swing GUI that is the Prevayler Bank demo.

Source downloads

These contain all we can distribute needed to compile and run EOB applications. We don't include the Jetty web-server in our CVS depot as it contains servlet.jar and Sun do not allow that to be placed in CVS depots.
eob-1.0-all-src.tar.gz 7.9MB
eob-1.0-all-src.zip 8.1MB

- The EOB Team
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